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Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering


Servoss, Shannon

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Jamie, Hestekin


The goal of this research is to establish a relationship between ultraviolet adsorption and peptiod concentration to be used to determine the concentration of an unknown peptoid sample. This will allow for the measurement of concentration differences of peptoid samples before and after incubation with membrane surfaces. Samples were prepared nine know concentrations and diluted 50 fold. The UV absorbances of each sample was measured using a UV spectrophotometer at wavelengths from 200 to 450 nanometers. This process was repeated, and the maximum absorbance of each replicate was averaged to yield an absorbance value for each concentration of peptoid. A linear calibration was obtained, allowing for the prediction of an unknown peptoid concentration. The calibration curve established a linear relationship between peptoid concentration of an original sample diluted 50 times and absorbance with an r-squared value of 0.9595. The application of this curve could replace inaccurate techniques such as weighing solutions.


peptoid concentration, UV absorbance, peptoid film, unknown concnetration, membrane surface, UV Spectroscopy