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Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering


Servoss, Shannon


The relatively young field of nano-systems has vast applications over various different fields. Peptoids (peptide analogues) and their uses are consistently investigated components of these nano-studies. A particularly interesting group of peptoids are able to self-assemble into secondary structures under the right conditions. The P3 peptoid is able to form microspheres if properly synthesized and purified. Microspheres are frequently studied due to their low surface area to volume ratios. This unique aspect of microspheres makes them an excellent candidate for drug delivery systems; however, these systems must also be robust so that the desired compound can be encapsulated within the spheres.

This study focuses on the synthesis and purification of PLGA monomers and their characterization based on robustness. The robustness was able to be tested by lyophilization and scanning electron microscopy. After being lyophilized, the microspheres showed good morphology indicating their robust nature. This newfound aspect of robustness allows future studies to focus on degradation rates of these peptoid microspheres.


peptoids, robustness, synthesis, microspheres