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Bachelor of Science

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Chemical Engineering


Nayani, Karthik


The purpose of this research is to manufacture a membrane with slit-like pores to achieve particle filtration. Slit-like pore membranes are preferred over conventional membranes with cylindrical pores since slit-like pores have two length scales that can be manipulated to better control cut off and flux through the membrane. This project focuses on manufacturing slit-like pore membranes through the use of two liquid crystals, 1,4-bis[4-(6-acryloyloxyhexyloxy)benzoyloxy]-2-methylbenzene (RM257) and 4-Cyano-4′-pentylbiphenyl (5CB). This method for making slit-like pores has not been widely investigated nor has the morphology of the membrane pores and mechanical properties of such a membrane been addressed. It was found that between 9.8-15 mol% of RM257, the aspect ratio increased, meaning the pores became more slit-like. Likewise, as mol% of RM257 increased from 9.8-15 mol%, so did the length of the pore. There is sufficient evidence to say that the aspect ratios of the 9.8 and 15 mol% membranes are statistically significant. Membranes with 20 and 25 mol% RM257 did not display slit-like pore morphology.


membrane, liquid crystal, RM257, 5CB, slit-like pores