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Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering


The increasing presence of drug resistant bacteria has led to research of new methods to combat bacteria. A part of the natural peptide Lactoferricin, LfB6 (RRWQWR-NH2), has been shown to be effective against a variety of gram positive and gram negative bacteria. However, there are several problems associated with peptides. Peptides can quickly degrade in the body which causes larger doses to be effective. Large doses of some peptides are cytotoxic to the host. Peptoids are a class of compounds that can potentially mimic the function of peptides and circumvent the problems associated with them. The backbone of peptoids is similar to that of peptides but functional groups are bonded to nitrogen instead of the alpha-carbon. Peptoids are protease resistant, which allows for lower dosages while retaining equal effectiveness. This research strives to make the peptoid compliment of LfB6, N-LfB6, and determine the effectiveness of N-LfB6 as an antimicrobial agent. The peptoid N-LfB6 has been synthesized and purified. Future research will determine the effectiveness of the peptoid against bacteria. Research into N-LfB6 could prove to be valuable in terms of antimicrobial effectiveness, stability, and low cytotoxicity to the body.