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Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering


Meullenet, Jean-Francois

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Threlfall, Renee T.


Partially due to prevalence and popularity around the world, much research has been done in the field of enology and wine analysis. The visual aspect of wine is one of the key features of wine. This research focused on how blending and storage affected the color and composition of wine. Visual, sensory, color, and composition data were collected. Three primary red wine varietals (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Zinfandel) and seven blends were analyzed for color, acidity, polymeric color, and optical density. The ten wine treatments were composed based on a mixture design model. The color and composition results were compared to results from a visual sensory panel (n≈70) determining color by ranking. Data was collected initially, at 180 days, and 360 days during storage at 15° C. Results came out to be very similar to expected hypothesis. Before testing, it was formulated that no major deviations from standard tendencies would occur due to blending or storage. Cabernet had the darkest color, Zinfandel had the lightest, and Merlot was in the middle but closer to Cabernet than Zinfandel by most metrics.