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Bachelor of Science

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Chemical Engineering


Sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) microarray using peptoid-based affinity reagents, referred to as affitoids, is potentially a very powerful tool for the early detection of cancer and other complex diseases. Current detection methods for cancer are inadequate because most are imaging techniques and require that the cancer has progressed far enough for growths to be visible, which is often far too late for treatment to be effective. One possible way to overcome this issue is to use a biological detection technique that is able to detect proteins that are secreted specifically by cancerous cells (referred to as biomarkers). These biomarkers can be detected at very low concentrations characteristic of early stage cancer using ELISA. . Peptoids, or poly-N-substituted glycines, are excellent candidates for this purpose due to their inexpensive and simple synthesis, ability to incorporate unique reactive sites, highly stable helical structures, and potential for non-biofouling design. The goal of this study was to synthesize, purify, and test a peptoid for the detection of MDM2, a known cancer biomarker, using an ELISA microarray.