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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering


Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Nelson, Alexander

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Andrews, David

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Gauch, John

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Parkerson, Pat


Undergraduate research has proven to be highly beneficial to students, yet there are many students who do not know how to get involved or who are too timid to approach professors to inquire about potential research opportunities. Our hypothesis is that a cross-platform application has the potential to bridge the gap and help more students get involved in undergraduate research by providing them information about open positions and the faculty or staff members who are mentoring the projects. The key focus of this thesis is to develop an application that provides details about participating faculty or staff including their research interests, biography, and posted positions in their lab or elsewhere that can provide students the information necessary to come to a conclusion about what sort of research to pursue and under whom they will research. Creating an application that provides searchable and filterable details about open positions helps further refine students’ searches and identify positions most geared toward the students’ interests. This paper discusses the development of an Ionic Angular application that will assist students in finding undergraduate research opportunities or other on-campus positions and that will assist faculty and staff in filling their open positions with students who have the particular background, interests, and skills best suited to the requirements of those positions. In facilitating both key objectives, the application supports the University of Arkansas’ emphasis on promoting research.


multi-platform, internal application