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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering


Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Nelson, Alexander

Committee Member/Reader

Thompson, Dale

Committee Member/Second Reader

Parkerson, Pat


In today’s world where any and all activity on the internet produces data, user data privacy and autonomy are not prioritized. Companies called data brokers are able to gather data elements of personal information numbering in the billions. This data can be anything from purchase history, credit card history, downloaded applications, and service subscriptions. This information can be analyzed and inferences can be drawn from analysis, categorizing people into groups that range in sensitivity — from hobbies to race and income classes. Not only do these data brokers constantly overlook data privacy, this mass amount of data makes them extremely vulnerable to data breaches. To solve both of these problems of data privacy and security, one can adopt the Solid framework which prioritizes user data autonomy and allows users to choose their own applications and services. While there currently does not exist any technological support for Android, the objective of this thesis will be to start to develop an Android Solid library which will encourage the adoption of the Solid framework.


Solid framework, user privacy, user data autonomy, data storage, differential privacy, networking