Date of Graduation


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Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Li, Qinghua

Committee Member/Reader

Jin, Kevin

Committee Member/Second Reader

Patitz, Matthew


Vulnerability scanners are a tool used by many organizations and developers as part of their vulnerability management. These scanners aid in the security of applications, databases, networks, etc. There are many different options available for vulnerability scanners that vary in the analysis method they encompass or target for which they scan, among many other features. This thesis explores the different types of scanners available and aims to ease the burden of selecting the ideal vulnerability scanner for one’s needs by conducting a survey and comparative analysis of vulnerability scanners. Before diving into the vulnerability scanners available, background information is provided regarding the types of testing a vulnerability scanner may use as well as the types of vulnerability scanners out there. This thesis highlights application scanners, database scanners, and network-based scanners as those were the types of vulnerability scanners primarily found in the survey. This thesis also compares the accuracy of two network scanners—OpenVAS and Nessus—when scanning the same target and discusses the results and their implications.


vulnerability, vulnerability scanner, OpenVAS, Nessus, NVD