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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Farnell, Chris

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Farnell, Chris

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Jin, Kevin

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Nelson, Alexander


Cyber-attacks on Critical Systems Infrastructure have been steadily increasing across the world as the capabilities of and reliance on technology have grown throughout the 21st century, and despite the influx of new cybersecurity practices and technologies, the industry faces challenges in its cooperation between the government that regulates law practices and the private sector that owns and operates critical infrastructure and security, which has directly led to an absence of eas- ily accessible information and learning resources on cybersecurity for use in public environments and educational settings. This honors research thesis addresses these challenges by submitting the development of an openly available learning resource for use as an introduction to standard cybersecurity processes and vulnerabilities. The primary objective of the development system is a portable, entirely virtual simulated microgrid for research, study, and outreach, which can be hosted in a fully cloud-based environment and accessible anywhere. This simulated microgrid is realized through the Typhoon HIL Control Center software, interfacing with physical Typhoon HIL hardware and a Raspberry Pi microcontroller running OpenPLC protection relay software and hosting a Modbus TCP server. Data simulation is securely transmitted to another virtual machine housing the Ignition Automation client software through a Modbus TCP connection, showcasing a user-end Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. This research project uti- lizes a realistic cyber-attack with and without the implemented preventive measures to demonstrate the instrumental role of proper cybersecurity protections for safely maintaining vital infrastructure frameworks.


Cybersecurity, ModbusTCP, Industrial Control Systems, Typhoon HIL, Computer Science, Critical Infrastructure