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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Jin, Kevin

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Nelson, Alex

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Gauch, John


Phasor measurement unit (PMU) systems often experience unavoidable missing and erroneous measurements, which undermine power system observability and operational effectiveness. Traditional solutions for recovering missing PMU data employ a centralized approach at the control center, resulting in lengthy recovery times due to data transmission and aggregation. In this work, we leverage P4-based programmable networks to expedite missing data recovery. Our approach utilizes the data plane programmability offered by P4 to present an in-network solution for PMU data recovery. We establish a data-plane pipeline on P4 switches, featuring a customized PMU protocol parser, a missing data detection module, and an auto-regressive model for efficient data recovery. This methodology is implemented in a container-based network emulator and comprehensively evaluated using real PMU data from a campus microgrid. Our results indicate an end-to-end delivery and recovery time for missing packets of approximately 3.96 ms, sufficiently supporting most real-time applications reliant on PMU data. With a 5% packet loss rate, the mean absolute percentage error for voltage magnitude is a mere 0.04%, and the phase angle error typically hovers around 0.06 degrees.


Phasor Measurement Unit, Data Recovery, Programmable Network, P4, Software-Defined Networking