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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Gauch, Susan

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Patitz, Matthew

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Panda, Brajendra


The strategic planning of offensive passing plays in the NFL incorporates numerous variables, including defensive coverages, player positioning, historical data, etc. This project develops an application using an analytical framework and an interactive model to simulate and visualize an NFL offense's passing strategy under varying conditions. Using R-programming and data management, the model dynamically represents potential passing routes in response to different defensive schemes. The system architecture integrates data from historical NFL league years to generate quantified route scores through designed mathematical equations. This allows for the prediction of potential passing routes for offensive skill players in response to the varied defensive schemes. Through a user-friendly Shiny interface, users can adjust player positions and defensive presets to observe changes in route planning. Evaluations using historical play data demonstrate the model's capacity to accurately reflect real-world play outcomes, with implications for coaching strategies and game preparation. The project connects theoretical data analysis and practical application in sports strategy, offering an innovative tool for a wide spectrum of football enthusiasts.


Data Analysis, Computer Science, Data Science, Prediction, Visual Interactive Application