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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Gauch, John

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Thompson, Dale

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Panda, Brajendra


Video games offer players immersive experiences within intricately crafted worlds, and the integration of procedural methods in game level designs extends this potential by introducing dynamic, algorithmically generated content that could stand on par with handcrafted environments. This research highlights the potential to provide players with engaging experiences through procedural level generation, while potentially reducing development time for game developers.

Through a focused exploration on two-dimensional cave generation techniques, this paper aims to provide efficient solutions tailored to this specific environment. This exploration encompasses several procedural generation methods, including Midpoint Displacement, Random Walk, Cellular Automata, Perlin Worms, and Binary Space Partitioning. Through the manipulation of these methods and their associated parameters, the objective is to determine which of these techniques consistently produce more desirable cave layouts across different evaluation metrics such as complexity, openness, narrowness, and connectivity.

Through our investigation, Cellular Automata emerged as an overall standout performer, exhibiting remarkable balance and consistently high rankings across the various evaluation metrics. Specifically, Perlin Worms excelled in crafting complex cave layouts, while Midpoint Displacement, Random Walk, and Binary Space Partitioning showcased excellent connectivity.

While this research provides valuable insights into procedural cave generation methods, there remains room for future research and refinement. By addressing these areas of exploration, researchers can continue to push the boundaries of procedural generation in game design in order to enhance the player experience and to foster further innovation in the gaming industry


Game Design, Procedural Generation, Cave Generation, Cellular Automata, Perlin Worms, Binary Space Partitioning