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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

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Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Buyurgan, Nebil

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Fant, Earnest


The research effort described here was a study of factors that affect the efficiency of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system in reading a certain type of commonly used passive RFID tag ('Squiggle' by Alien Technologies). The two sets of experiments conducted under this study focus on two response variables namely: readability and read rate. The factors in focus are distance between antenna and tags, the number and combinations of tags simultaneously read by the system and position of the tags left or right of the center of the antenna. Two separate experimental setups as explained in the following sections were used to keep some factor (s) constant while varying the rest to determine how much each affects the response variables that are direct indicators of the performance of the RFID system in use. On one hand there needs to be further investigation in case of some factors to determine their true significance, on the other hand, the results of this research present substantial evidence to prove the important significance or lack of it for factors in question; decreasing the distance between tags and antenna for instance, directly affects how well a certain tag is recognized by the system - increases the read rates.