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Bachelor of Science

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Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Cell phone has become a fundamental element of people's life. People use it to call each other, browse websites, send text messages, etc. Among all the functionalities, the most important and frequently used is the search functionality. Based on ComScore, in July 2008, Google was estimated to host 235 millions searches per day. However, unlike the search on desktop, the search on cell phone has one critical constrain: battery. Cell phone performing a normal Google search, the battery drains very fast. The reason is that when sending a query to and fetching the results from Google, cell phone keeps communicating to the website through networks such as WiFi and 3G. Yet, due to the limited bandwidth of the network and the large amount of the results, the time of communication will be very long. As a result, the battery dies very quickly. In order to prevent this fast drain of battery, a new program is proposed to personalize the search criteria and fetch the most precise and personalized results, instead of all the results, from the web. Because only a few results are fetched, cell phone will not be communicating with the Internet. Hence, the battery will not die very fast. The program can increase the energy-efficiency of the battery and, thus, lengthen the running time of the cell phone.