Date of Graduation


Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Degree Level



Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Gauch, John M.

Committee Member/Reader

Thompson, Craig W.

Committee Member/Second Reader

Beavers, Gordon


In this thesis, the design for a two dimensional game engine for the iPhone using the entity component system (ECS) model is presented as a solution to enable developers to streamline game development. Some background concepts are explained, including the ECS model and a brief overview of part of the iOS SDK used in this project. Related work is explored. An implementation of the design is then described in detail, presented as two parts: a framework and a core set of systems. Finally, the implemented engine is evaluated according to three criteria: ease of use, flexibility, and efficiency. The results of tests that evaluate the engine according to these criteria are presented. It is concluded that the solution is a decent option for developers to use to easily and quickly create simple, two-dimensional games on the iPhone platform.