Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science

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Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Deaton, Russell J.

Committee Member/Reader

Thompson, Craig W.

Committee Member/Third Reader

Banerjee, Nilanjan


The mainstream success of smartphone technology has prompted the video game industry to invest resources into new types of mobile games. While seemingly successful on the surface, there are unseen issues and risks that may potentially harm the long-term sustainability of the market. In response, I’ve developed my own smartphone gaming app that addresses what I find to be some of the largest problems in the market. My intent is to test my design theories while also challenging the status quo in mobile game design. The fruit of my labor is Pond, a smartphone gaming app for Windows Phone 7. A game about skillfully creating water ripples to combat a never-ending flow of aquatic enemies and obstacles, Pond is a product of my personal game design ideas and philosophies. While not completely finished as I would have hoped, it is very near completion, at which point it will be released on the Windows Marketplace (and later ported to iOS and Android). The hope is that it will prove to be a successful financial venture for myself in addition to inspiring other developers to approach mobile game design from new angles.