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Bachelor of Science

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Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Gauch, Susan

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Gauch, Susan

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Li, Qinghua

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Di, Jia


This paper examines the generation and analysis of a social network produced from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. An XML file of Hamlet was parsed to extract the characters within the play and also identify when the characters appeared within the same scene. After parsing the speakers and the connections between characters, a network graph was generated that displayed all the characters in Hamlet, represented by nodes, and edges that represented the connections between characters as measured by their scene co-appearance. The results of the network graph were then compared to a published social network for Hamlet created by hand. The two social networks showed strong similarities in character centrality but also showed differences in the number of character nodes and edges. In addition to the case study, we present a suite of tools that provide a framework for computational analysis of future plays.