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Bachelor of Science


Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Patitz, Matthew

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Patitz, Matthew

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Gauch, Susan

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Li, Qinghua


This paper describes a programming interface, TAMScript, for use with the PyTAS simulator. The interface allows for the dynamic generation of tile types as the simulation progresses, with the goal of reducing complexity for researchers. This paper begins with an introduction to the PyTAS software and a description of the 3D model which it simulates. Next, the changes made to support a dynamic generation scheme are detailed, and some of the potential benefits of this scheme are outlined. Then several of the example scripts which have been written using the TAMScript interface are reviewed. Finally, the potential for future research is discussed, laying out one intended approach for use with the interface.


aTAM, Python, GetSeed, GetTileTypes, NeighborGlues