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Bachelor of Science

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Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Thompson, Dale

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Di, Jia

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Gauch, John


Monitoring network traffic has always been an arduous and tedious task because of the complexity and sheer volume of network data that is being consistently generated. In addition, network growth and new technologies are rapidly increasing these levels of complexity and volume. An effective technique in understanding and managing a large dataset, such as network traffic, is data visualization. There are several tools that attempt to turn network traffic into visual stimuli. Many of these do so in 2D space and those that are 3D lack the ability to display network patterns effectively. Existing 3D network visualization tools lack user interaction, dynamic generation, and intuitiveness. This project proposes a user-friendly 3D network visualization application that creates both dynamic and interactive visuals. This application was built using the Bablyon.js graphics framework and uses anonymized data collected from a campus network.


3D graphics, network visualization, graphics, network topography, anonymization