Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering


Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Dale R. Thompson

Committee Member/Reader

Matthew J. Patitz

Committee Member/Second Reader

James Patrick Parkerson


The model for interacting with computing devices remains primarily focused on visual design. However, sound has a unique set of advantages. In this work, an experiment was devised where participants were tasked with identifying elements in an audio-only computing environment. The interaction relied on mouse movement and button presses for navigation. Experiment trials consisted of variations in sound duration, volume, and distinctness according to both experiment progress and user behavior. Participant interactions with the system were tracked to examine the usability of the interface. Preliminary results indicated the majority of participants mastered every provided test, but the total time spent finding the solution varied highly between participants. Suggestions for expanding the investigation and conducting future work are provided.


HCI, Human Computer Interface, Earcon, Accessibility, Experiment, Audio