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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

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Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Early computer science education should be necessary in high school curricula, but often it becomes inextricably linked to the act of programming instead of the study of the principles of computation. In order to divest computer science from programming a new teaching medium is needed, and early research into games as teaching tools shows some positive results when used properly. In order to find a better way to teach early computer science concepts I have designed and implemented a board game which illustrates and defines a few necessary computer science terms and mechanics. I had reasonable success in the classroom, with mixed results from two completely different groups of students. The game seems effective, but my methods of teaching and lesson plan surrounding the game weakened the gains I recorded. I plan on reworking the base rules and developing new expansions which would increase the playability of the game and simplify the methods for delivery of the computer science material covered during a game session