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Bachelor of Science

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Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Streeter, Lora

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Li, Wing Ning

Committee Member/Second Reader

Peng, Yarui


Efficiently managing a software development project is extremely important in industry and is often overlooked by the software developers on a project. Pieces of development work are identified by developers and are then handed off to project managers, who are left to organize this information. Project managers must organize this to set expectations for the client, and ensure the project stays on track and on budget. The main block in this process are dependency chains between tasks. Dependency chains can cause a project to take much longer than anticipated or result in the under utilization of developers on a project. While project managers do have access to project management tools, few have capabilities to effectively visualize dependencies. The goal of this research was to interact with a project management tool's API, pull down dependency information for a project, and build out possible timelines for a set of tasks. We visualize this problem with a directed graph, where each node is a task and edges in the graph indicate dependencies. The relationships between this problem and more well-known problems in graph theory are used to inform the development of the algorithms. Two algorithms are explored to handle the problem and are then run under different conditions. Analysis of the results provide insight to what structures of dependency chains can be handled by the algorithms. The resulting software could be used to save companies both time and money when planning software development projects.


Dependency, Dependency Chain, Directed Graph, Jira, Sprint, Task