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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering


McCann, Roy A.


Numerous industrial and other plant processes today represent systems in which a motor supplies torque to a drive disk, which in turn through a pulley system drives a larger load. Developing models for these complex systems can become time consuming and expensive. A simple second order system approximation can be developed for these systems under certain system conditions which can greatly reduce the complexity of controlling and modeling the system. A second order feed-forward notch controller can then be introduced to the system which greatly improves performance. The results of this proposed method of approximating complex servo-drive systems show that such reductions in complexity can be made with positive results. Further implementation of the proposed second order notch filter improved system responses. In order to demonstrate these methods, Simulink in conjunction with MATLAB was used to first run simulations of the proposed method. The ECP Model 220 Servo Drive system was then used to physically test the approximations. The successful results obtained have the potential to lead to cheaper control system solutions with better responses in industrial processes.