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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Varadan, V.V., 1948-


This thesis project experimentally studies the effect of placing split-ring oscillators (SRR) in a non-periodic arrangment with random orientation. This is contrary to typical structures which are simulated as a single unit cell with a periodic boundry condition to emulate an infinite array of SSR's. Samples are measured using a near-field free-space measurement system with full Thru, Reflect, Line (TRL) calibration and the application of time domain gating. Results, in the form of scattering (S) parameters, are compared with previous measurments of periodic SRR structures in order to study the influence, if any, of periodicity in the frequency response of a metamaterial sample. Experimental results show that the spatial organization of SSR's have no significint effect on the resonance of the structure.