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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering


Wireless communication is one of the most powerful communication methods that people use nowadays. The key advantage of wireless communications is that it can cover large distances without having to run any cables from one end to the other. Based on this advantage, wireless communication has many important applications, such as remote controls, cell phones, and global positioning system (GPS). This senior design project is developed to use wireless communication technology to map the geographic characteristics of an unknown place. It contains two wireless communication modules with Atmega1281 microprocessor, two robots with the 8051 microcontroller, six pairs of infrared transmitters and receivers, and a base transceiver connected to a computer. The robots are used to go through a maze and detect an unknown path with infrared sensors. The information will be sent and received through the wireless modules. Finally, this information would be sent to the base. Then the computer will display this unknown place.