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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Mantooth, Alan


This thesis describes in detail the process of designing, simulating, and creating the layout for a modified folded cascode op-amp, fabricated with silicon carbide MOSFETS. The modifications consist of using a wide-swing current mirror to help deal with output voltage issues stemming from high threshold voltages in the silicon carbide process, as well as using a modification that allows for an increased input common mode range. The folded cascode op-amp uses silicon carbide transistors, as it is intended to be used for high temperature applications, ideally in the 25 C - 300 C range. It is designed to have 25 dB of gain and approximately 70 degrees of phase margin. These qualifications were met, and the layout was successfully created and fabricated. Future testing of the fabricated folded cascode will be conducted to compare measured and simulated result.


Electronics, Silicon Carbide, Integrated Circuits