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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering


El-Shenawee, Magda O.


Many researchers who are using microwave modality in the area of breast cancer detection employ oversimplified models of the internal structure of the breast. Use of engineered or biologically inaccurate models could render inaccurate results. Therefore, a mathematical biological model is implemented in this work and aims to bridge the gap between biologists and engineers. The results of the proposed breast duct model show that older women have smaller breast ducts leading to less dense breasts, which is in agreement with medical knowledge. Also, younger women have larger breast ducts leading to more dense breasts which are consistent with the proposed research. The model was implemented computationally in C++ in both two and three dimensions. The proposed vasculature model is based on experimental biological research findings. The simulated results are in agreement with the experimental data. The model was implemented computationally in C++ in three dimensions. The potential impact of the proposed model is to provide researchers with a more biological understanding of the breast. Computer simulations of breast ducts and blood vessels are presented separately; however, they will be combined in one model to create a fully functional mammary gland.