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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering


El-Shenawee, Magda O.


Microwave technology is being researched for its capabilities to detect breast tumors less painfully and at earlier stages. It is necessary to have a large contrast between cancerous and healthy tissue when the microwaves are reflected off the breast tissue. To model the increasing contrast between cancerous breast tissue and healthy breast tissue, the DDSCAT code is investigated for its capabilities and analyzed for its accuracy in scattering calculations. The DDSCAT is used to model homogenous and inhomogeneous targets. Simulations of the scattering field by the homogeneous and inhomogeneous targets are conducted and compared to Mie theory calculations for accuracy. Many different magnitudes of refractive indices, as well as real and complex refractive indices, are tested with the DDSCAT. Overall, the results obtained, show the DDSCAT to be a flexible code, capable of modeling many complex targets, which offers a potential to further research of breast cancer detection.