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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering


McCann, Roy

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Ware, Morgan


3D printing has shown much promise as a method of rapidly manufacturing lightweight ironless motors to meet the growing demand that airlines have for more cost-effective products that reduce emissions and flight prices. 3D-printed ironless, axial flux, electric BLDC motors would meet these needs with both their high efficiency and power density.

A Halbach array motor was designed and 3D-printed for the analysis of its magnetic properties to gain more insight about it performance. Fusion 360 was used to design the 3D drawings of the motor parts. The rotor, stator, and stator mount were designed to accommodate the sizes of the available materials. Printing was performed at NCREPT with a Raise3D Pro2 3D printer using ABS for the material. ANSYS Maxwell was used to perform simulated analyses on the magnetic properties of the motor, such as the magnetic flux density, as well as the force and torque on a singular magnet. The torque ranged from -5 N*m to 5 N*m and the force from 100 N to approximately 190 N, both with a period of 20°.


Ironless Motor, Aircraft Electrification, 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing