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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering


El-Ghazaly, Samir


The goal of the project was to design and fabricate a bandpass filter with a center frequency of 25GHz with a 2GHz bandwidth. The first step was to do the calculation to design a bandpass filter to meet these specifications along with the properties of the DupontTM GreenTapeTM 9K7. HFSS was then used to verify the results from the initial calculations. There was a significant error between the two results, so more tweaking was done to the calculations to get a better center frequency. After a final design was decided, the fabrication process started. Low-Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics (LLTC) was used for fabrication since that was the fabrication process used on the research project. Three bandpass filters were fabricated, and the best filter had a 2.15% error from the simulation results. The soldering done to each of the boards was the key difference between the results of each bandpass filter.


Radio Frequency, HFSS, LTCC, Bandpass Filter