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Annual of the Arkansas Natural Resources Law Institute (School of Law)

The following is a collection of papers presented at the annual meeting of the Arkansas Natural Resources Law Institute (formerly known as the Arkansas Oil and Gas Institute). Coverage is from the beginning of the Institute in 1962 to present. These papers focus upon natural resource law as well as related topics involving the physical processes of discovery and production of oil, gas, and other natural resources. Authors include members of the faculty of the University of Arkansas School of Law, other leading natural resource scholars, and experienced practicing attorneys from both inside and outside of this state. The papers are a valuable resource for discussions of contemporary developments of natural resources law within the context of the time when they occurred.

The Arkansas Natural Resources Law Institute is the oldest-running continuing legal education program in the State of Arkansas and is sponsored by the Arkansas Bar Association, a voluntary association of over 5,000 Arkansas licensed attorneys, whose kind cooperation and assistance made possible the collection and publication of the following papers.

Anthropocene from the Hill



the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.

The Anthropocene from the Hill is a new literary anthology for UARK students and alumni.

Arkansas Law Notes (School of Law)

Arkansas Law Notes was first published in the mid-1980s as a paper-only journal of short articles written by the faculty of the University of Arkansas School of Law, and delivered to Arkansas lawyers. It has evolved over the years and is now the Arkansas Law Review’s exclusive online publication. Law Notes is positioned to deliver a quick publication turnaround for timely, relevant scholarship relating to current Arkansas and national legal issues. Arkansas Law Notes features short essays and responses by law professors, judges, practicing lawyers, scholars from other disciplines, and current law students. Submissions may respond to recent articles and essays published in the Arkansas Law Review or comment on topics ranging from emerging legal issues arising from litigation, recent court opinions or government policies and procedures.

Arkansas Law Review (School of Law)

ISSN 0004-1831

Published quarterly, the Arkansas Law Review has as its primary objective the dissemination of scholarly and authoritative articles on significant legal issues. Its Editorial Board serves the Arkansas legal community and beyond by publishing scholarship of state, national, and international importance. The Arkansas Law Review was established with the publication of the first issue in the fall semester of the 1946-1947 academic year.

Prior to the establishment of the Arkansas Law Review, the Arkansas Bar Association expressed interest in the creation of a law review and appointed committees to explore the possibility. Shortly thereafter, a permanent plan was formulated under which the law review was made a joint undertaking of the law school and the Arkansas Bar Association. Today, the law review is an established part of the legal community in Arkansas and it is cited and relied upon by lawyers and courts throughout the nation. This is a collection of scholarly articles and student work that have been published in the Arkansas Law Review.

Diamond Line Undergraduate Literary Magazine

The Diamond Line was originally named such in homage to our state gem, but a name carries the narrative weight of its symbols. Someone could cut into their very soul with a diamond, and that’s how poems and stories and paintings are created; by being carved out with something so sharp it leaves us raw. As such, we are dedicated to showcasing emotional truths and authenticity. We have committed ourselves and our magazine to allowing people to dig as deep as they can until they find their own rare and beautiful gem.

The Diamond Line showcases original visual art, fiction, and poetry by University of Arkansas undergraduate students.

Discovery, The Student Journal of Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences

Discovery is an avenue for Bumpers College to highlight and publish original research and independent creative projects conducted by undergraduate Bumpers students in cooperation with a faculty mentor, or in other words Discovery is mainly an avenue to publish the Honors and research projects of students (or student teams) who undertake original, creative, and innovative independent research. Expectations are that the student(s) has gone above and beyond the requirements of literature reviews and is generating a new contribution to the field/discipline.

Inquiry: The University of Arkansas Undergraduate Research Journal

Inquiry: The University of Arkansas Undergraduate Research Journal published by the Office of Undergraduate Research, is an online publication aimed at showcasing the cutting-edge undergraduate research and scholarly activity at the University of Arkansas. Two issues of the Journal (May/June and November/December) are planned per year. If you are unsure of how your creative or research work could be incorporated into an article, please consult your faculty mentor or contact the editor.

Journal of Food Law & Policy (School of Law)

ISSN 1942-9762

The Journal of Food Law & Policy has long been recognized as a leader in publishing articles and essays on food law and its impact on society. When the Journal’s inaugural issue was published in 2005, no other student-edited Journal was devoted to this important topic and few law schools recognized the emerging discipline of food law & policy. Since that time, the Journal has led the nation in recognizing the significance of studying the legal framework of our food system. Food law & policy as a discipline has emerged as an accepted field of study and a popular part of law school curriculums across the world.

Today, the Journal continues its efforts to publish and promote the very best legal scholarship in food law and policy. Article topics include food labeling, food safety, consumer interest in food policy, the environmental effects of food production, agricultural law and its impact on our food system, global food security, food assistance, nutrition policy, farmed animal welfare, international food law and regulation, the regulation of biotechnology and other new food technologies, and a wide variety of other dynamic issues affecting food law and policy.

The Journal is published twice a year and is edited by dedicated law students at the University of Arkansas School of Law. The School of Law is noted for its work in the law of food and agriculture, with a variety of food law courses offered, a specialized LL.M. Program in Agricultural and Food Law, the Indigenous Food & Agriculture Initiative, and the Food Recovery Project.

Journal of Research on the College President

ISSN 2574-3325

The Journal of Research on the College President is a peer-reviewed, annual publication devoted to academic research on all aspects of the college presidency.

Published online each December, the journal strives to expand the understanding of the changing role of the college presidency, especially considering the multiple demands placed on the leadership position.

The journal is interested in all types of college presidencies, ranging from for-profit leadership and community and technical college presidents to presidential leadership at even the most prestigious research universities. Further, the journal is interested in nomenclature of institutional leadership, and is interested in manuscripts that differentiate between presidential titled positions and those using “chancellor” titles.

The journal defines “the college president” as encompassing all aspects of college leadership.

Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science

ISSN 2326-0491

The Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science (JAAS) is the major publication of the Academy. The Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science appears annually as a single volume. The Journal publishes peer-reviewed manuscripts that were submitted at the annual meeting of the previous year. The Scope of the Journal reflects the broad vision of the Academy to promote science within Arkansas and disseminate the science being carried out by scientists in Arkansas throughout the US and the world. Specific areas of science include (but are not limited to) Biomedical Sciences, Botany and Plant Science, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Math and Computing Science, Engineering, Geology, Environmental Science, Ecology, Invertebrate Zoology, and Vertebrate Zoology.

Proceedings of the Arkansas Nutrition Conference

The Proceedings of the Arkansas Nutrition Conference is a collection of papers presented at the annual Arkansas Nutrition Conference, which was first held over 60 years ago as the Arkansas Formula Feed Conference.