Dining Al Fresco


StudioChunky, Rogers, Arkansas

Executive Producer

Alison Turner, Teaching Assistant Professor of Architecture and Director of Community Education


All Ages, 9th-12th grades

Streaming Media

Document Type

Educational Workshop

Publication Date



Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Design, Making, Designing, Designer, Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design, Buildings, Spaces, Places, Scale, Observation, Drawing, Sketching, Measuring, Floor Plan, Dining, Al Fresco, Outdoor Dining, Outdoor Space, Garden, Yard, Trellis, Shade, Seating, Eating


In this video, students will learn how to design a small outdoor dining area, for dining “al fresco”. We will introduce the project, show examples and give them steps to complete the project. The project will involve designing a structure large enough for six people, designing the seating and table and thinking about different places that this project could be located. A list of supplies that can be found around the house will be suggested.

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