Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science


Health, Human Performance and Recreation


McDermott, Brendon

Committee Member/Reader

Ganio, Matthew

Committee Member/Second Reader

Vandermark, Lesley


The purpose of this study was to determine what technique would be an accurate measurement of an individual’s hydration status. According to current research on hydration assessment, the “gold standard” to assess the hydration of an individual is by measuring their total body water (Armstrong, Lawrence 2007). This is the most accurate measurement in a laboratory setting, but finding a measurement that works during a real time setting has been a challenge. It was proposed that a spot urine sample would provide more accurate results than a first- morning urine sample when compared to a 24-hour urine sample set as the “gold standard” of this experiment.


Hydration, Urine Sample, Dehydration, Euhydration