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Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences


Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation


Way, Kelly

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Hamm, Cora

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Johnston, Nick


The students of Generation Z have been affected by the increase in technology and no longer have the same learning methods and techniques as former generations. These students notice improved knowledge and comprehension when using modern approaches in education. However, there is more room for updates in education. Instructors are accustomed to traditional, text-based syllabi that are overloaded with information, making it difficult to read and understand, while lacking conciseness.

With the use of technology, students have adapted to the use of visually stimulating methods. In the integration of modern-day learning, syllabi have not been updated to follow these standards. In this study, participants were evaluated to assess the benefits they found in the use of infographic syllabi in their college courses.


Syllabi, infographics, generation z, visuals, reader engagement, learning strategies