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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Engineering


NCAA Division I-A College Football post-season play is currently determined by a controversial BCS Bowl system. Due to the massive differences in compensation for playing in differing bowl games, heated debates arise every year as to who deserves places in the prestigious BCS bowl games. Without a round-robin approach, in which every team plays every other, there would be no absolute measure of which teams deserve BCS births. We developed a scenario involving a pseudo-playoff system to be implemented at the end of regular season conference play to create unique matchups to increase comparisons of teams across the nation. The system was modeled twice, once using Integer Programming techniques and again with Constraint Programming techniques. Instances of the two models were implemented on the 2010 NCAA football season and compared on their performance. Lastly, we discussed how certain matchups of the resulting solutions would have affected the outcomes of the season and perhaps the assignment of post-season bowl games.