Adam Schlosser


organic food, livestock production, regulation, statutes, farming industry, certified organics

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Certified organic food represents the fastest growing segment of food production in both the United States and throughout the entire world. This article examines the issues and opportunities facing both large and small-scale farmers who wish to engage in organic livestock production. Organic regulations cover everything involved in production, starting with the organic certification process and concluding with slaughter and the subsequent shipping and sale of the end organic product. The final section of this article addresses the unique ability of Brazil - described alternatively as "the world's warehouse" and the "world's [future] source of food" - to increase the economic prosperity of its burgeoning farming industry by capitalizing on the world's current organics craze. The conclusion focuses on suggestions for both public and private entities to aid in the continued development of the Brazilian organic livestock industry. Many suggestions also prove applicable to other less developed Latin America countries.