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Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

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Landscape Architecture


Biehle, Scott

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Fitzpatrick, Lynn

Committee Member/Second Reader

Slone, Ryan


This capstone investigates the unique relationship between Vincent Van Gogh and planting designer Piet Oudolf's vibrant use of color and contrast in their work as it relates to their perception of the landscape. The project is mainly a comparison of the two artists, exploring Van Gogh's use of complementary colors and brushstroke techniques to create vivid contrast in his renderings of agrarian landscapes, and Oudolf's parallel approach to creating painterly meadows and prairie gardens. The project focuses on Van Gogh’s study of wheat field landscapes, which are essentially the same in structure and composition but can be used to compare to one another in change over time. They then can be compared to Oudolf’s plant palette that change overtime, showing how he designed for evolving seasonal landscapes. This is a designer’s response to the observation of change in nature like Van Gogh’s.


landscape architecture, planting design, impressionist painting, contrast, color, landscape

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