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MacRae, Christopher (tenor); Kashiwagi, Tomoko (piano)

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Music Performance

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Faculty recital

Voice recital

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[Track 1]. Luoghi sereni e cari [Track 2]. Vaghissima semianza [Track 3]. O del mio amato ben / Stefano Donaudy -- [Track 4]. Ideale [Track 5]. Non t'amo piu [Track 6]. L'ultima canzone / Francesco Paolo Tosti -- [Track 7]. "The Songs of Travel". The vagabaond [Track 8]. Let beauty awake [Track 9]. The roadside fire [Track 10]. Youth and love [Track 11]. In dreams [Track 12]. The infinite shining heavens [Track 13]. Whither must I wander? [Track 14]. Bright is the ring of words [Track 15]. I have trod the upward and the downward slope / Ralph Vaughan Williams.