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Miroslava Panayotova

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Panayotova, Miroslava (piano)

Document Type

Music Performance

Recital Type

Faculty recital

Piano recital

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[Track 1]. Blue as in my dreams. Aquamarine ; [Track 2]. Turquoise ; [Track 3]. Lapis lazuli ; [Track 4]. Indigo ; [Track 5]. Sea / Kim Osteen-Petreshock -- [Track 6]. From Legendary women. Melisande, op. 109 ; [Track 7]. Phoebe, op. 30 ; [Track 8]. Desdemonda, op. 101 / Mel Bonis -- [Track 9]. El fandango de candil (Fandango by candlelight) from Goyescas / Enrique Granados -- [Track 10]. The dream rags. I. Sleepwalker's shuffle ; [Track 11]. II. The nightmare fantasy rag (A night on rag mountain) / William Albright.


Adagio BWV 974 by Marcello and Bach, Blue as in my dreams. Sky by Osteen-Petreshock, The eternal feminine by Bolcom, and The body of your dreams by Jacob TV not recorded either because not performed or failure to record.