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decision analysis, decision making, operations management, industrial engineering, presenting results, understanding decision makers, understanding senior leaders, developing presentations, understanding problems, developing a story to tell, presentation recommendations, tables versus charts, chart best practices


MSOM Lunch and Learn Webinar Series


Your manager just assigned you to lead a new project for your Vice President. You have many questions! What are the details of the project? What does the VP want to see in briefings? Does the VP have an advocate for pre-briefs? What information is important to include in the presentation? How detailed should the information be? How should the information be presented? Are there any best practices in developing presentations? In this webinar, you will learn strategies for sharing important information with key stakeholders in your career – and how to actually get them to listen!


MSOM Instructor: Kirk Michealson

Moderated by Mindy Hunthrop, MSOM Program Coordinator/Advisor