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class attendance, class participation, best classroom practices


Not-so-new faculty can join the Wally Cordes Teaching and Faculty Support Center for a free lunch and an opportunity to learn best practices in motivating student attendance and participation within the classroom. Tori Ryburn (Instructor, Mathematical Sciences) and Lauren Lambert (Instructor, Communication) will present varied approaches to boost attendance and to engage students.

Tori Ryburn brings exceptional insight and is instrumental in designing memorable activities that bring students back for more. She will share these activities and explain the process of designing them. In addition, she will discuss incentives offered to students who participate in the activities.

Lauren Lambert works to train, mentor, and support teaching assistants for COMM 1313, Fundamentals of Public Speaking. Her position requires continual evaluation of student needs in the classroom and examination of best teaching practices, to ensure student learning outcomes are maximized. She will bring this insight and experience as she shares strategies to address the ongoing conversation of how to best increase attendance and participation in the classroom.

Motivating students to attend class might very well begin with your participation in this luncheon.