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Retention, Student Success


Second Annual University of Arkansas Teaching and Learning Symposium: Sharing Teaching Ideas

Data show that half of all students who have dropped/failed Survey of Calculus or Finite Mathematics at the University of Arkansas will drop/fail again. These students face a lack of motivation and a fair amount of anxiety toward mathematics. To make connections and create an environment in which they are comfortable discussing any issues with the professor, repeater students were asked to meet with the professor to complete a personalized academic improvement plan. This plan establishes the need for regular contact with the instructor and should increase the student’s level of comfort with the instructor. Utilizing the “Academic Improvement Plan” serves as a catalyst for students to meet face to face with their professor and provides a roadmap for continuing that contact on a consistent and regular basis, regardless of the course. We believe that frequent and regular faculty/student interactions will result in increased academic success for this group of at-risk students while allowing these students to develop a deeper understanding of course materials and to cultivate skills applicable to other courses/situations.