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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Li, Qinghua

Committee Member/Reader

Farnell, Chris

Committee Member/Second Reader

Patitz, Matthew


As digital automation for Industrial Control Systems has grown, so has its
vulnerability to cyberattacks. The world of industry has responded effectively to this, but the world of academia is still lagging as its emphasis is still almost entirely on information technology. Considering this, we created a workforce development pod that serves as a hands-on learning module for teaching students key cybersecurity ideas surrounding operational technology using the NETLAB+ platform. A pod serves as the virtual environment where the learning exercise takes place. This project’s implementation involved the creation of a segmented network within the pod where a student starts on an external network and pivots to a deeper subnet of the pod’s network to send a malicious data packet to a real-time grid simulation that disconnects the entire grid from its corresponding substation. This helps contribute to the knowledge gap issue by giving the student exposure to realistic attack scenarios and commonly used software and components within the industrial world.


Operational Technology Network, ModbusTCP Replay Attack, Hardware-in-the-Loop Technology, Virtual Environment, SEL-751 Protection Relay, IEEE 33 Bus System