Date of Graduation


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Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Degree Level



Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Parkerson, James Patrick

Committee Member/Reader

Banerjee, Nilanjan

Committee Member/Second Reader

Andrews, David


This thesis introduces the idea of a low-power Wi-Fi sensing wake-up controller for an emergency communications mesh network, progressively developing a prototype system which could be used in a live environment. Wireless network protocols are reviewed, as well as a limited view of cluster analysis, in order to introduce relevant concepts crucial to understanding this thesis. Algorithms for system implementation are developed, and pseudocode, designed to be configurable and platform independent, is given for each. Design goals for the system are identified with potential approaches are defined in order to optimize for each. An example hardware configuration is given, in conjunction with analysis of benefits and drawbacks of several design options. Finally, the prototype is tested according to design goals in order to prove its feasibility. The results demonstrate that the prototype meets the proposed design goals.