Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering


Mantooth, Alan

Committee Member/Reader

Wu, Jingxian


The development of Multi-Chip Power Modules (MCPMs) has been a key factor in recent advancements in power electronics technologies. MCPMs achieve higher power density by combining multiple power semiconductor devices into one package. The work detailed in this thesis is part of an ongoing project to develop a computer-aided design software tool known as PowerSynth for MCPM layout synthesis and optimization. This thesis focuses on the definition and design of a Manufacturer Design Kit (MDK) for PowerSynth, which enables the designer to design an MCPM for a manufacturer’s fabrication process.

The MDK is comprised of a layer stack and technology library, design rule checking (DRC), and layout versus schematic checking. File formats have been defined for layer stack and design rule input, and import functions have been written and integrated with the existing user interface and data structures to allow PowerSynth to accept these file formats as a form of input. Finally, an exhaustive DRC function has been implemented to allow the designer to verify that a synthesized layout meets all design rules before committing the design to manufacturing. This function was validated by running DRC on an example layout solution using two different sets of design rules.