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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering


Wu, Jingxian


Multispectral imaging is becoming more practical for a variety of applications due to its ability to provide hyper specific information through a non-destructive analysis. Multispectral imaging cameras can detect light reflectance from different spectral bands of visible and nonvisible wavelengths. Based on the different amount of band reflectance, information can be deduced on the subject. Counterfeit detection applications of multispectral imaging will be decomposed and analyzed in this thesis. Relations between light reflectance and objects’ features will be addressed. The process of the analysis will be broken down to show how this information can be used to provide more insight on the object. This technology provides desired and viable information that can greatly improve multiple fields. For this paper, the multispectral imaging research process of element solution concentrations and counterfeit detection applications of multispectral imaging will be discussed. BaySpec’s OCI-M Ultra Compact Multispectral Imager is used for data collection. This camera is capable of capturing light reflectance from wavelengths of 400 – 1000 nm. Further research opportunities of developing self-automated unmanned aerial vehicles for precision agriculture and extending counterfeit detection applications will also be explored.


Multispectral, Imaging, Counterfeit, Detection, Support Vector Machine