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Flannery, Jeremiah (composer); Bland, Joshua (Joshua Earl), 1987- (conductor); Alexander, Cali (flute); Lopez, Ammi (flute); Martin, Hannah (flute); Phillips, Dominique (flute); Chang, Jenny (clarinet); Pina, Alex (clarinet); Zhou, Rosabelle (clarinet); Carson, A. J. (saxophone); Fugit, Joshua (saxophone); Deal, Heather (bassoon); Thompson, Jessica (bassoon); Beard, Megan (percussion); Clifford, Tim (percussion); Dobbs, Megan (percussion); Sewell, E. Scott (percussion); Robert, Schumann (piano); Zuloaga, Florencia (piano); Hartman, Charles (cello); Irby, Nick (piano); Wade, Brandon (cello)

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Music Performance

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Composition recital

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[Track 1]. Slowing down. I. Rotations in an emergency [Track 2]. II. Under the city [Track 3]. III. Forfeit [Track 4]. IV. Something comfortable to fall into / Jeremiah Flannery.


The stars over Babylon and Ricecar I were not recorded per the composer's wishes.