Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering


Chen, Zhong

Committee Member/Reader

Wu, Jingxian


The need for high temperature, high power density power modules for applications such as electric vehicles and space exploration has driven the research into wide bandgap LEDs due to their potential operation at elevated temperatures. Wide bandgap LEDs offer an attractive solution due to properties such as high temperature tolerance, strong radiation hardness and good thermal conductivity. In this thesis, the electrical properties of GaN-on-SiC heterojunctions are studied as a precursor to an LED study, and the optical characterization of an InGaN/GaN MQW is reported. The GaN-on-SiC study revealed that these wide bandgap LEDs have linear sensitivity at high temperatures. The InGaN/GaN MQW PL results revealed that as the temperature increased, the bandgap decreased as well, thus affecting the overall intensity of the material. The results of this study indicate the feasibility of the integration of wide bandgap LEDs into high temperature power modules.